DMS1: WarmUp – 2/12/18

The Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dali



CompSci: Bar Graphs, pt2

Remember your friend, the Building Bar Graphs assignment? It’s back! Yay!

Last time you worked on steps 1-4. Today, I want to you tackle steps 5 & 6. Try 7 if you’re feeling up to it. I’ll check your progress when I see you next week.

WarmUp And Tutorial: 2/8/18

Arrangement en gris et noir n∞ 1, ou la mËre de l'artiste (1804-1881)

For after your warmup.

After you have completed the video, Save and turn in a copy of your BlueStar. Use the following file name format: First Last BlueStar_Color.psd. I’ve set up drop off folders for you on the T Drive. Drop them off there.

Then, return to your BlueStar file in photoshop and begin the process of shading it in. Choose where your light source is. Is it below, above, to the right or left. Multiple light sources. You should have at least one light source. Adding more could raise your score if they look correct. I’ll be able to check your progress next week. I expect it to be complete by the end of next week.

Film/Broadcast: School Ad

Today you been work on creating a video advertisement for MITA MS and HS. Your team will need to shoot new footage, both green screen and non-green screen. You’ll also have access to drone footage that can be added into your video.

  • Must include the school logo and slogan.
  • Create graphics and title cards.
  • Use green screen footage that you shot.
  • 45-60 seconds in length.
  • Submit in HD resolution.
  • Must include 10 seconds of new non-green screen footage shot by your team.
  • Form groups of up to 3 members.
  • Due Wednesday, Feb 28th.
  • Properly mixed audio. Any spoken audio should be balance with background sound to be clear.
  • A 2 second title card before the video starts should say “MITA Ad: by your names here”.

The drone footage can be found here on the T drive:

T:\rcole\Griffin Media\Broadcast\Drone File Dump 2-25-17

“But Cole, how do I write a script?”, you ask.

Like this:

DMS1: WarmUp


DMS1: WarmUp 2/5/18


After your warm up above, you can start with today’s activity below.

DMS1: Color WarmUp 1/31/18