IntroCompSci: Driverless Decisions


IntroCompSci: PathFinding


CompSci: Bar Graphs, pt2

Remember your friend, the Building Bar Graphs assignment? It’s back! Yay!

Last time you worked on steps 1-4. Today, I want to you tackle steps 5 & 6. Try 7 if you’re feeling up to it. I’ll check your progress when I see you next week.

IntroComSci: Bar Graphs

For today’s activity:

Aim to complete steps 1-4 today, which we’ll continue when I return.

IntroComSci: How Machines Learn


One more link to any older post:

IntroComSci: Another Brick in the Wall

Your task for the today is to build a Brick Wall, or at least start that process. By the end of class, and really the start of class next week, I expect the see the following:

  • Build the “Draw Brick, Length Width” custom block. <== Super easy
  • Build custom block that will use the Draw Brick block to make a row of bricks, called “RowA”.
    • Make sure there are six bricks in the row.
    • Make sure the spacing between the bricks is the same.
  • Build a custom block for the 2nd row, “RowB”.
    • Have it use 5, not 6 bricks.
    • Create a “Half Brick” block. Notice at the ends of RowB, that there are smaller bricks. These are called half bricks. Their name is a bit of a lie, as they are less than half a brick.
  • When you run RowA and then RowB, you should have two rows stacked on top of each other. Here’s the tricky part: Both rows should be the same total width.

Here’s the link to the Brick Wall activity on the curriculum page.

If the link doesn’t work, it’s in Unit 2, Lab 4.

CompSci:Power of a ChatBot

On the subject of chatbots, we’re going to build a simple MadLibs generator. The first step will be to take words and pluralize them. For that we’ll need to read of on some rules on how to pluralize different types of words.

It’s easy to simply add an ‘s’ to the end of the word. We want to find a way to add ‘es’ to words with specific endings.