DMS2: Walk Cycles of DOOOOOOOM

Alright humanoids, today you’re walking into the wide world of walk cycles. You might recall I had you do some walk cycle drawing a week or two back and now all that hard work pays off.

Step one if you’re going to make, in Photoshop, a manikin that you’ll be able to manipulate like an evil puppet-master. Since I’m not 100% evil, you won’t have to draw this manikin from scratch, but instead you’ll be able to trace over an image in Photoshop. That image you can find on page 1 of the PDF.

The PDF, called FigureDrawing(excerpt) can be found on my T Drive at:

T:\rcole\DMS\DMS Pickup\April

Then begins your wonderful journey into the following tutorial, which you should be able to finish by the end of class on Wednesday.

And once you have finished Pt1, there is Pt2.

and Pt3.a

and Pt3.b