DMS1: Omg words about Monet

Now that you’ve seen some of Monet’s work in person, you are ready to write about the elements that make up his style.  If you need a reminder on Monet and his style, use the following link:

Your task is the write about 1 of the elements of Monet’s style. How he used color, light, reflections, his brush strokes, subject matter, or loose style of his renderings. You need to write two paragraphs with minimum of ten sentences. Omg, how will you survive? Also, include in your document and use as evidence 3 of the element you’re writing about. That will get you a 3.0. If you exceed that and use strong and clear evidence, you can move your grade closer to a 4.0.

Complete this assignment in a google doc and share it with me by the end of the week. The doc name should follow this format, “Monet – Student Name”. It will be due at the end of the week.