VGD: Game Proposals

Before break, I mentioned that the remained of the semester would be given over to student selected projects. Today you’ll be laying out your game proposal and creating a Design Document, which will be your road map to creating your game.

The rest of the year breaks down into the following weeks.

  • Week 1: April 10-14
  • Week 2: April 17-21
  • Week 3: April 24-28  — End of PR 5
  • Week 4: May 1-5
  • Week 5: May 8-12
  • Week 6: May 15-19 — Cole in D.C.
  • Week 7: May 23-26
  • Week 8: May-June 29-2

At the end of each week your  team will need to do a progress check, based on the benchmarks you layout in your Design Document. So for each of the weeks above you’ll need to explain, in some detail what you expect to have completed by that date.

A Team Project

As you know by now, video games are a time consuming process. With that in mind, I encourage you to work in teams of no more than two. IF you select this option then you’ll need to be very clear in your Design Document who is responsible for which tasks. You’ll want to set up your schedule so that both team members are working in parallel and not one waiting for the other to finish a task.

But what type of game?

As I mentioned before break, you should attempt to recreate an existing type of game. I’d stay away from networked games, as that get complicated quick.

Some suggestions (not limited to these options):

  • Three Match games
  • Tower Defense
  • Puzzle games
  • Top Down Shooters

Bring your “The Art of Game Design” to class for the rest of the week.

For today you want to find a teammate if you want, and start to nail down specifics of what you want your game to be.

What should be in a Design Document?