12/7/2016 – Class Instructions


Since I’m playing Dean today, we’re going to set aside any filming or editing today and instead spend some time expanding your understanding of screenwriting in preparation for the next script that you’ll be working on. To give you an idea of the scope of your next script, it will be five pages minimum.

You’ll want to head to Lynda and search for the “Screenwriting Fundamentals” series. Go right to chapter 1 and make as much process as you can today through chapter 6. We’ll discuss it next week, so I’m requiring that you take Cornell Notes, which I’ll check next week.

Video Game Design

Today you want to finish crafting your Missile in Blender and find the appropriate Drop-Off folder for your file on the T Drive.

After that we’re going to take a detour before we build our 3rd model, a missile turret, and return for a tutorial project in Unity. It’s time to build a tank.


Once you drop off the missile, you should immediately begin the Tank Tutorials.