A Better Brick Wall

The “Brick Wall” project tasks you with creating a custom block that draws a brick wall with inputs to control the number of rows. These are very limited features and completing them will only get you a 2.5 for the project.

To earn a 3.0 for the project you must include these additional features:

  • An input for the number of bricks in a row.
  • An input for the size (width) of the bricks.
  • An input for the size (width and height) of the mortar space between the bricks.

To earn more than a 3.0 for the project you should try to implement some of the following features:

  • An input to change the height of the bricks.
  • Center the wall in the grid. Regardless of how wide or tall the wall is it will always draw itself in the center of the grid. Thus of the wall is 100 pixels wide, it will draw it’s rows from -50 to 50 on the x grid.
  • Or alter your Brick size or number of bricks so your wall is always the same size, say 150×150.