Building a Brick Wall

CompSci Students,

I’m in a meeting till 11ish, but I’ll be back before the period is over.

You’ll be starting a new project today. You can find it on the curriculum page under: “Unit 2 Lab 4: Abstraction, Page 1”.  In short you’ll be creating a custom block that will draw a “Brick Wall” for your user.  In the process of doing so you’ll create a number of other custom blocks that will handle smaller and smaller steps. For instance, you’ll need a simple block that draws a “brick”, which will just be a thick horizontal line. And you’ll a “mortar space” brick that will create the gaps between the bricks. Both of these blocks are discussed on the curriculum page.

While I’m in the meeting I want to to go to the curriculum page, Unit 2 Lab 4: Abstraction, Page 1, and read through the whole page before starting work on the “Draw Brick” and “Mortar Space” blocks.

I’ll check your progress when I return around 11ish. I will be checking your progress on the two blocks at the end of the period for points. Get to it.