CompSci & Video Game Design Journals

For my Comp Sci and Video Game Design students, I’d like for you to start recording journal entries at the end of every week. I recommend using a blog site, like WordPress, to record your journal entries. Each week’s entry should be included as a separate post.

What am I looking for in each journal post? I’d like you to answer the following questions:

  1. What new thing did you learn or figure out this week, and what can it be used to do?
  2. How does this new thing relate to prior knowledge you’ve picked up in the class?
  3. What’s the next thing you want to figure out how to do?

As to the level of quality and quantity of your entries, I’ll set no minimum requirements since some will only rise to the minimum. Instead I expect you to explain in detail your answers. For example, if you figured out how to control the movement of an object like a ball don’t say, “I got the ball to move.” This tells me and your readers nothing. How does the ball move? What are it’s controls? Why does the ball need to move? Why did you choose those control inputs? etc

The process of articulating your understanding, you solidify it and clarify your understanding to yourself.

Please drop a link to your journal website onto this google doc so I can check on your progress.

NOTE: Please link to the website itself, not to a specific journal entry. for example, I prefer YouTube vs YouTube/myAmazingVideo