Be careful which emails you open.

The following is from our IT dept:

Hello Teachers,

One of our students recently opened an attachment from an unknown sender which unfortunately contained what is called “RansomWare”. How the infection works is it encrypts your files preventing you from opening them and asks you to pay money in order to get those files unencrypted.
The way student permissions managed to keep the actual infection limited to the student’s folder and did prevent this from spreading across the network. However, it did manage to infect a few folders shared with the student as I’ve found the effects of this infection in a few drop-off folders in the T-drive (just encrypted and not infected, so don’t worry about spreading it).
Please remind your students (and let this be a reminder to faculty and staff as well) about digital/internet safety. If you get an attachment within an email and don’t know the sender or if it looks like something they wouldn’t compose, DO NOT OPEN IT.
Here’s a few articles on the topic: