DataBase: ID#s

That you have the basic DataBase setup, we’re going to make some modifications to make the user’s job a little easier. The person doing the data entry shouldn’t have to manually create the Student ID numbers. So we’re going to create some custom blocks to do that for them.

Create a custom Reporter Block that will randomly generate 10 non-repeating numbers between 0-9.

Then, you’ll create an alternate version of the Reporter Block that will generate 100 non-repeating numbers between 00-99. All numbers, even 00 & 01 must have two digits included.

In the end we’d probably end up with a student ID of five digits, but for this exercise we’re fine with just the single and double digit versions. Aim to have you two reporter blocks finished by 2/23/2016

Below you’ll find my Reporter Block, “NewRandomStudentNumber” and all the blocks I used to create it below.