Database project: 2/8/16

By this point you should have setup you profile array with your various data points. Also, assuming you were here at the end of last week, you’ve started to create custom block that fill in those data points by asking the user for the student’s information.

So what’s next?

After you’ve created all your data entry blocks, you just need to place all of them inside one custom block called “EnterStudentData in: (profile)”. Then you’ve got one command block that does it all.

So now you can enter a student’s data into a profile. Great. Your next step is to create an array that you’ll be able to place blank profiles into.

For example:

  • Database
    • profile
      • Name
      • DOB
      • etc
    • profile
      • Name
      • Dob
      • etc

What we want in the end is a new custom block called “NewStudentProfile”. It should do the following:

  1. Create NEW black student profile in the database.
  2. Ask the user to enter student’s information.

Feel free to team up with your seatmates to try to complete these custom blocks by the end of the period.