Cannon Objectives 12/2/15

At this point you SHOULD have created you cannon along with its controls and the ‘angle’ variable that it updates.

And since I showed you how to make it, you SHOULD have created the power meter and ‘Power’ or ‘Velocity’ variable that it updates.

If you have haven’t gotten that far, stop messing around, ask a friend or classmate for help and get it done.

IF you have those two items complete, then you have three custom blocks that you’ll need to create.

  1. “resetBall” is a custom block that will return the cannon ball to wherever it’s starting position is. (Figure out the X and Y starting position of the cannon ball first. probably based on the position of the cannon.
  2. “resetCannon” is a custom block will return the cannon to wherever it’s starting position is. You many or may not have the cannon move when it is fired, but create the block anyway.
  3. “moveBall” is a custom block that will move the cannon ball once is has been fired AND draw it’s path. (So you’ll need a PenDown and PenUp command somewhere.) The block will need two inputs, one for how far you want it to move on the X axis and the 2nd for the Y axis.

On Friday, I’m going to be checking you progress on all of the above for a grade, so don’t slack off. Work on it at home if you have to.