Brick Wall Extention

At the end of the Brick Wall activity they ask you to include the following addition features.

  1. Length of the wall (how many bricks)
  2. Length of a brick
  3. Mortar thickness

These additional features should all work as additional inputs to the “Draw Brick Wall” block.

For the Brick Wall EXTENSION activity, I want you to create an alternate “Draw Brick Wall” block.  For this new block I would like to see the following features:

  1. Input for the width and height, in pixels, for the wall in PIXELS.
  2. A square should be drawn around the wall based on it’s width and height.
  3. An input for the # of bricks across the first row should contain.
  4. An input for the color of the bricks.
  5. An input for the height of the rows.
  6. The block, or a custom block, should calculate the motor spacing.

You should also create a stack of blocks, or a custom block that contains, questions asking the user for the above inputs.